Creating Entry Level Engineering Jobs in San Diego and Around the World

May 9, 2022

We’re creating entry level engineering jobs in our San Diego and Bangalore regions, and anywhere we can find talented people excited about inventing the future. 

Our wireless performance breakthroughs are helping corporate and government customers get the full benefit of next gen wireless and multimedia/XR technologies from commercial 5G to private 60GHz mmW networks.  

5G and mmW networks have the potential to operate with fiber-like speeds, but many factors can interfere with their capacity and coverage. When you’re running a multi-million dollar smart warehouse operation or using augmented reality to repair aircraft wiring, throughput lags or poor switching between access points can be dire and destroy the user experience.

entry level engineering jobs 

Even for fun applications like location-based entertainment via virtual reality or augmented reality headsets, a little latency can leave users feeling motion sick instead of awestruck. 

Our entry level engineering jobs offer a foundational career opportunity. XCOM Labs offers career pathways in next-gen wireless technologies. Our engineers are helping to architect the next revolution in mobile experiences.

XCOM Labs was founded by three telecom industry leaders who wanted to create a place that embraced new ideas, pushed for new advances, and was a great environment for learning and growth. CEO & Chairman, Paul Jacobs, Executive Vice Chairman, Derek Aberle, and CTO, Matt Grob, have worked with some of the best and brightest minds in wireless. But they and the rest of the senior leadership at XCOM are just as excited to see promising talent grow and reach their potential. 

Take a moment to Meet the Team and see the caliber of engineering talent that you might work shoulder-to-shoulder with and learn from every day!  

“If there’s an area that interests you, there are really no formal barriers,” explains Peter Black, Chief Scientist at XCOM Labs. 

“You will have direct contact with world-class technical minds,” says Mary Stewart, Chief HR Officer at XCOM. “And not only that, but you’ll be exposed to a breadth and depth of learning in our start-up that you’d never get in a large company.”

We have many entry level engineering jobs, as well as, mid-level career opportunities. 

With a generous, competitive benefits package for all positions across the company, XCOM Labs is a great place to build a successful engineering career in wireless and multimedia.