XCOM Labs Demonstrates Wireless XR at AWE USA 2022

XCOM’s multi-user augmented and virtual reality systems enable wireless, cinematic-quality augmented and virtual reality experiences for AWE attendees

SAN DIEGO (May 26, 2022) – XCOM Labs will showcase its wireless extended reality (XR) system that allows multiple users to move freely and simultaneously through photorealistic and interactive digital environments during AWE USA 2022 from June 1 to 3 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

“XCOM Labs’ system achieves throughput and latency breakthroughs providing the image quality and user comfort that the XR community has been waiting for,” said Paul Jacobs, CEO, chair and cofounder of XCOM Labs. “XCOM Labs has designed a system that supports seamless, natural XR experiences for multiple users over the highest performance wireless networks and commercial XR devices. These performance achievements are necessary to fulfill the promise of spatial computing to location-based entertainment applications.”

Immersive digital environments of this quality were previously only possible through wired connections such as head-mounted displays connected to powerful computers.

For its VR experience, XCOM Labs has partnered with an experiential, location-based entertainment provider to help take AWE attendees into a fully immersive and fantastic world that engages all of their senses. HTC VIVE Focus 3 all-in-one VR headsets equipped with XCOM Labs radios and connected to haptic vests and hand trackers as well as XCOM Labs access points will help transport users from a 144 square-foot stage at the convention center to a hyper-realistic world of their imagination.

“We’re excited to have our award-winning VIVE Focus 3 headset act as a showcase for the future of immersive, multi-user VR experiences enabled by XCOM Labs,” said Amir Khorram, Head of Enterprise Sales at HTC VIVE. “XCOM’s solution overcomes underlying technical hurdles to achieve photorealistic XR experiences and helps accelerate the future of wireless XR.”

The AR experience that XCOM Labs is demonstrating will allow users to roam a 1,400 square-foot space experiencing a variety of AR content through Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality headsets equipped with XCOM Labs system radios connected wirelessly to XCOM Labs system access points.

XCOM Labs’ Wireless XR supports photorealistic interactive digital environments suitable for such XR uses cases as training, location-based entertainment, remote collaboration, visualizations, education, telemedicine, smart warehousing, and science.

XCOM Labs wireless and multimedia breakthroughs enable high performance applications and use cases in both licensed and unlicensed spectrums. The XR experience being demonstrated at AWE is enabled using millimeter wave spectrum in the globally available 60GHz unlicensed band.


Those interested in knowing more about XCOM Labs Wireless XR or 5G and other next-gen network enhancements can reach out to XCOM Labs at learn.more@xcom-labs.com. Wireless and multimedia engineers and developers that want to join the XCOM Labs team and help advance the future of XR and next-generation wireless networks can email careers@xcom-labs.com.

About XCOM Labs:

XCOM Labs is delivering on the promise of next-gen mobile technologies. Founded in 2018 by the former executive and technology team that developed and/or launched Qualcomm’s pioneering 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and other transformative wireless technologies, XCOM Labs has attracted some of the world’s most accomplished mobile, software and hardware talent. Headquartered in San Diego, XCOM Labs has developed a suite of patented technologies leveraging licensed and unlicensed spectrum for seamless and secure mobile XR experiences and ultra-high performance 5G and next-gen networks serving military, defense, entertainment, communications, logistics and warehousing, training and development and medical tech leaders. To learn more about XCOM Labs, visit www.xcom-labs.com.


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