XCOM Labs + The VOID Take the Stage at AWE

June 17, 2022

XCOM Labs and The VOID took the stage at AWE USA 2022 with Vice President of XR, Serafin Diaz, joining The VOID’s CTO Steve Duckworth at the Santa Clara Convention Center on June 3, 2022 to share how we’re collaborating to create the most immersive VR experience possible today.

As a location-based entertainment VR experience, The VOID needed a technology partner who could support its vision of hyper reality: “the practical illusion of an impossible reality so convincing that the mind accepts it as reality.”

When an immersive experience takes on all or most of a person’s senses, it becomes a new dimension. A large amount of creativity goes into architecting a dimension (characters, story line, visual, sound and touch feedback). A large amount of compute also goes into rendering such a dimension into reality (high quality sound and graphics, tracking) on top of the ingenious instrumented space where such dimension exists. Previously, the rendering of sounds and visuals of a dimension were limited to the amount of compute a person could carry. Through compute offloading with high bandwidth, low latency wireless technologies, XCOM Labs is removing such limitations. New dimensions can quickly utilize what state-of-the-art compute and rendering technologies can deliver with the potential of shortening development and deployment cycles.

Watch as Diaz and Duckworth share how The VOID and XCOM Labs are able to deliver a new level of immersive VR experience and how XCOM Labs moves the compute to the edge of the network so users are able to roam freely wearing only a lightweight VR headset equipped with XCOM Labs’ small antenna and additional haptic device.

Seeking a technology partner to bring your VR experience to life? We’ve developed the state-of-the-art in Wireless XR combining our 60GHz unlicensed wireless XR system with split rendering process. We want to hear from you. Contact us today.